Hiking in Maryland State Parks

​​A group of people hiking in the woods in the fall.The days are getting shorter, and the leaves have turned from green to a myriad of striking colors. Behind us are the hot summer days teaming with insects. Now is the best time to enjoy the miles and miles of trails in Maryland's State Parks.

From Deep Creek Lake State Park on the Allegheny Highlands to the Cypress Swamp of Pocomoke River State Park, fall hiking experiences are likely to include fewer people than the busy summer season, new wildlife, including migrating birds, and far more comfortable temperatures.

As you prepare to take advantage of spectacular hiking opportunities in Maryland State Parks:

  1. Be prepared for changing weather. Check local weather forecasts and be sure to have a plan in case the weather changes.
  2. Bring snacks for fuel and don't forget the water. A steady supply of nutritious snacks will keep your energy level high and allow you to enjoy a longer hike without feeling fatigued. It's important to drink water to stay hydrated even in cooler temperatures.
  3. Dress in layers. This will make it easier to cool down and warm up as the need arises.
  4. Leave the bug spray at home! This is the perfect time of year to avoid insects while hiking.

Don't forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and a friend. We will see you on the trails.

Online Trail Guides
Access trail maps online that provide a variety of options for varying fitness levels.