Patapsco Valley State Park

ALERT - Posted 9/18/18 - The Patapsco Valley State Park Avalon Area will be impacted by the upcoming Bloede Dam demolition sometime between September 10, 2018 and December 31, 2018. The impacts will be minimal and occur for only a few hours on a few days. During the removal of Bloede Dam, several trails will be closed in the vicinity of the dam, the river will be closed from the dam to the Swinging Bridge at Orange Grove, and river access may be limited from Orange Grove to the Gun Road Bridge. Signage and staff will alert visitors on the day of the impact. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work on the Bloede Removal Project.
ALERT - Posted 9/18/18 - Due to the flooding event on May 27, 2018, portions of the Southern end of Patapsco Valley State Park remain closed. The closures will affect those visiting the Avalon area and Hilton area. Lost Lake remains closed. The Grist Mill Trail and trails leading to the Grist Mill Trail remain closed. The Buzzards Rock, Saw Mill, Forest Glen, Vineyard Springs, and Grist Mill Trails are all closed with the following exceptions. Buzzards Rock trail is open from Ilchester Rock North and East to the Saw Mill Trail. The North/East leg of the Saw Mill Trail is open to the Santee Trail. The Forest Glen Trail is open to the Pigs Run Trail. The Vineyard Springs trail loop section is open, the loop to the Grist Mill trail remains closed. The Glen Artney area of the park is open. Trail users should respect, for their safety and the safety of others, the closures following the signage on area trails as work continues. We will continue to re-open the remaining areas, including popular trails, as soon as it is safe for our visitors.
Park, Trail and River Closures - Due to the construction associated with the Bloede Dam Removal Project, portions of the Grist Mill Trail, the Patapsco River and the park will be closed to visitation.
All closures will occur between Ilchester Road to just downstream of Bloede Dam.
For details, and current status of this project, you can visit the DNR Bloede Dam web page or see the park bulletin board.