Fisheries Habitat Workgroup

The Charles County Commissioners have voted to change the designation of the 9000 acres in Mattawoman Creek from Tier II to Tier IV. Therefore, the hearing that was scheduled on May 13th to address this has been canceled.

The Fisheries Habitat Workgroup was formed in response to increasing concerns from our diverse stakeholder groups over habitat impacts to Fisheries. While traditional fisheries management has improved habitat through active restoration and creation projects, present habitat stressors highlight a need to engage in watershed management. Fisheries Service investigations are showing that land use change (urbanization) is associated with losses to fish habitat and populations. These results emphasize the need for fisheries managers and constituents to promote sound land management practices that conserve fish habitat.

This workgroup is primarily composed of members and affiliates from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fishery Advisory bodies. The purpose of the group is to develop consensus on significant habitat issues and develop strategies to conserve and restore vital fish habitat to assure long term sustainability of our fisheries.