Broadford Lake

Located in Garrett County

Broadford BluegillOwner - Broadford Lake, located in Garrett County, is owned by the town of Oakland, and is used as a source of domestic water for the town. Fish populations are managed and regulated by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

History - Broadford Lake was built in 1972 as a water supply reservoir for the town of Oakland and opened for fishing in 1975. Broadford Lake Park provides many recreational opportunities that include fishing, swimming, biking, canoeing, and kayaking. The park has one boat ramp and rental boats are available at the park's concession stand. Gasoline-powered outboard motors are prohibited. Broadford Lake Park also has facilities to accommodated large groups for picnics and family gatherings. Information on the Broadford Lake Park can be obtained by calling (301) 334 - 2691.

Physical/ Habitat Description - Broadford Lake is 140 acres and public access is allowed along its entire shoreline. The upper shallow end contains submerged stumps, lily pads, and flats with heavy growth of aquatic vegetation, providing ideal habitat for largemouth bass and sunfish. Brush piles created by beavers near deeper water provide excellent areas to fish for black crappies. The limestone riprap dam breast area provides good habitat for smallmouth bass. The boat docks near the picnic area are a good place to fish for bluegills and pumpkinseeds.

Fish Species - Broadford Lake supports a wide variety of warmwater fish species. Largemouth bass are the most sought after gamefish in the lake, with many quality-sized fish in the population. Smallmouth bass are also present and can be found near the dam breast and rocky areas of the lake. Panfish species such as bluegill, pumpkinseed, yellow perch, black crappie, yellow bullhead, and brown bullheads are common. Fly-fishing with a small popper for sunfish can be quite spectacular. Broadford Lake receives an annual spring stocking of about 2,000 rainbow trout that further adds fishing opportunities. The lake is also stocked bi-annually with juvenile tiger muskies that are used to improve the predator/prey balance in the lake. These tiger muskies grow large in Broadford Lake and give anglers the chance at that once-in-a-lifetime fish.

Restrictions - Gasoline motors are prohibited on Broadford Lake. Access to the lake and facilities begin March 31 and runs through the 15th of November. Ice fishing is prohibited on Broadford Lake.

Directions - From I 68 take Exit # 14 (US 219 South), take 219 S about 22 miles and turn left onto Kings Run Road; proceed on Kings Run Road about 2 miles to stop sign and turn right onto Broadford Road; proceed on Broadford Road about 2.5 miles to the intersection of Broadford and Dennet Roads, continue through the intersection and make an immediate left onto Pittsburgh Ave.; take Pittsburgh Ave. about 0.25 miles and the lake entrance is on the left.

Contact Us - Comments and questions regarding fishing Broadford Lake can be directed to:
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Fishing and Boating Services
1728 King's Run Road, Oakland, MD 21550
301-334-8218 or