FishMaryland is Maryland’s recreational fishing award program and is a fun way to explore year-round recreational fishing and enjoy Maryland’s affordable, accessible, diverse and high quality fishing opportunities.​ Recreational fishing offers opportunities for families and friends to spend quality time together, enjoying the abundant natural resources Maryland has to offer.

FishMaryland features these components:

  • Angler Award (includes Catch and Release Award)

    Any angler fishing legally in Maryland may catch and report a trophy sized fish by landing any of more than 60 eligible species in three categories at or above a certain minimum size. If you catch a fish that meets or exceeds the official award size, simply lay the fish on a tape measure and photograph so that the species and size can be verified. Submit your catch through our online registration process. Once your catch is verified, you will receive your award certificate within 45 days.

  • Invasive Species Award

    The Invasive Species Award Component recognizes anglers for reporting their harvest of certain eligible invasive fish species. "Invasive" describes a species that, when introduced into an ecosystem, aggressively establishes itself and has the potential to negatively affect native plants, animals or hab​itat. Currently there are three invasive fish species which naturally reproduce in Maryland or migrate into Maryland waters: blue catfish, northern snakehead and flathead catfish. Fish must be kept to qualify.

  • Maryland Youth Angler's Log

    Members of the Maryland Youth Fishing Club who submit their fishing reports to the Youth Angler's Log  will be entered into a random drawing for prizes. Winner's names will be posted online. Visit the Maryland Youth Fishing Club for additional information on how to become a member.

    Be sure to visit the Maryland Youth Fishing Club website for additional information on youth fishing.

Governor’s Striped Bass Conservation Award

In addition to the Angler Awards, those who catch and release an award sized striped bass during the open season will be recognized with a Governor’s Striped Bass Conservation Award at the end of the fishing season. The award recognizes any recreational angler who releases alive a striped bass catch of 40” or more while fishing Maryland waters during the open season.

By participating in FishMaryland, you agree to be mentioned by name in the media (i.e. newspaper, television, radio, internet, etc.) and photographed for use during promotions. You must provide your contact information (and those of your parent or guardian, if you are under 18 years of age) and your fishing license (if applicable) at the time of the inspection.

For more information about the award program contact Keith Lockwood at For additional information regarding FishMaryland contact Erik Zlokovitz at