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From the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean, Marylandís extraordinary coastal resources contribute to its economy, environment and quality of life. With these remarkable resources comes great responsibility. Coastal resources must be protected and conserved, yet communities must be able to thrive economically. Marylandís Chesapeake & Coastal Service (CCS) works to achieve that balance, providing leadership in the management and restoration of Chesapeake, coastal, and ocean resources.

What We Do

Marylandís Chesapeake & Coastal Service is a partnership among local, regional and state agencies. CCS collaborates with many private organizations, such as local land trusts and economic development groups. We provide technical assistance, training, information, tools and science, and by administering state and federal funds to help the State and local communities restore local waterways; prepare for future storm events, shoreline change, and sea level rise; protect habitats, foster clean coastal industries and encouraging citizens to become caring stewards. Over the past three decades, this partnership has helped Maryland work to reduce the environmental impacts of coastal development, resolve significant conflicts between competing coastal uses and provide critical assistance to local governments in coastal planning and resource protection.

Goals of the Chesapeake & Coastal Service

  • Accelerate the recovery of coastal resources through improved water quality.
  • Increase the number of State and local governments prepared for the impacts of future stormevents, shoreline changes and sea level rise.
  • Improve MDís ability to balance the use of coastal resources with their long term conservation.
  • Improve environmental literacy and motivate individuals and groups to take actions that benefit Chesapeake, coastal and ocean resources.

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Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund - A little girl with the bucket.

Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund

See how Maryland is accelerating Bay restoration by focusing limited financial resources on the most effective non-point source pollution control projects.


Coast-Smart Communities - Photo by Sharon B. Pyle

CoastSmart Communities

Learn more about the CoastSmart Communities Program and access the online resource center for financial and technical assistance to address vulnerability to the impacts of sea level rise and climate change.

Watershed Assistance Collaborative - Photo by Edward Lowe

Watershed Assistance Collaborative

Learn more about the technical and financial assistance provided through the Collaborative to local communities and governments for advancing watershed protection and restoration activities in Maryland.

Wind power farm in sunset.

Ocean Planning and Renewable Offshore Energy

Learn more about the Stateís ocean mapping and planning, offshore wind, project timelines, anticipated processes and opportunities for public comment.

Recent News

NOAA announces updated process for nominating new national marine sanctuaries

CCS and partners in Maryland working on nomination to protect the "Ghost Fleet" of Mallows Bay

For 40 years, the United States national marine sanctuaries have worked to protect sites ranging from a Civil War shipwreck to coral reefs and tiny atolls. On June 13, NOAA announced that the American public can, again, begin nominating nationally significant marine and Great Lakes areas as potential new national marine sanctuaries.

The announcement was made by John Podesta, counselor to President Obama, during Capitol Hill Ocean Week. The community-based nomination process responds to numerous requests for new sanctuaries from interested communities and stakeholders around the country.

The National Marine Sanctuaries Act in 1972 gave NOAA a mandate to identify, designate, and protect marine areas of special national significance. The public's involvement in shaping the mechanisms used to nominate new sanctuaries will help NOAA in this mission.

Maryland's Chesapeake & Coastal Service is coordinating the nomination of Mallows Bay in Charles County to become a national marine sanctuary.

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