Maryland Birds

Common Raven

Photo of a Raven in a tree and a range map indicating that they are commonly found in the portion of the state west of FrederickWhat do they look like?

The common raven is a large, all black bird that looks similar to a crow. However, the common raven is about 1/3 larger than the crow and has elongated and pointed shaggy feathers on the throat. Male and female common ravens look alike, although males (3lbs.) are slightly larger than females (2lbs.).

Where are they found?

The common raven is not very common in Maryland. They are found predominately in Garrett, Allegany, Washington, and Frederick counties. They prefer to build their nests high among sheltered cliff edges in rocky, mountainous areas. They will also nest in tall pine trees.

What do they eat?

Common ravens have a varied diet and will eat almost anything that is edible. This may include small animals such as lizards and frogs, seeds and insects. They will also feed by scavenging on dead animals.

What other kind of ravens live in Maryland?

Ravens are members of the crow family which also includes jays. The common raven is the only kind of raven in Maryland.

I didn't know that!

With a 4 ½ foot wingspan, the common raven is the largest of the birds classified by biologists as songbirds. They are considered to be extremely intelligent and will bury or store surplus food. They will hide their stored food under rocks or small holes in the ground and conceal their stash with leaves, twigs or other debris.