Maryland Birds

Black-and-White Warbler

Black and White Warbler and a range map showing that they can be found across Maryland, by W.H. HenryWhat do they look like?

The black-and-white warbler is as named, black and white. It is 11-13 centimeters in length and has white wing bars and white tail spots. Females are slightly smaller than males.

Where are they found?

The black-and-white warbler comes to Maryland to breed in open woodlands and mixed deciduous and coniferous forests. They usually nest on the ground at the base of a tree or log.

What do they eat?

Unlike other warblers, the black-and-white warbler feeds by creeping along tree trunks and branches. Caterpillars, spiders, ants, flies and beetles are favorite foods of this bird.

What other kind of warblers live in Maryland?

29 other species of warblers can be found in Maryland.

I didn't know that!

The black-and-white warbler is the only member of the genus Mnitilta, which means "moss plucking".

Black-and white warblers migrate at night.

Drawing by: W.H. Henry