Offshore Blind Site Licensing Procedure

NEW Procedures for Offshore Blind Si​te Licensing

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Last updated July 31, 2020

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Background Information Only:

The Department has developed a new waterfowl offshore blind site licensing (OBSL) procedure for the 2020-2021 season. This new process combines the lottery-based drawing system, developed several years ago, with a virtual blind site licensing process for successful applicants. This process addresses the public health concerns related to Coronavirus, while ensuring an equal and fair opportunity for all interested participants. The new procedure allows each participant to draw an electronic place “in line” to obtain a site at a designated location to hunt waterfowl in state waters. 

We have made every effort to continue the process of licensing blind sites, but have moved that process online for the safety of our customers. Please check this page frequently for updates and email us ( with any questions. Please remember that our offices are not currently staffed on a regular basis for phone support; we will, however, return your email as soon as possible. All appointments made through this process will be served in the order of the lottery draw and no one will be taken out of turn. We greatly appreciate your patience as we begin this new licensing process.

Lottery and Licensing for Opening Days

The lottery for the opening days of licensing will be conducted online through the department’s Compass licensing system. Beginning July 15, 2020, and ending on July 28, 2020 at 11:59 pm, hunters can register online through the department’s Compass licensing system to be entered into a random lottery for a county of their choice. There is no charge to enter the lottery. Each person is allowed only one entry. In addition to selecting a county in which they wish to obtain a blind site, the applicant must provide a valid email address to receive all blind site licensing communications from the department. Hunters should ensure that they complete the checkout process, which ends upon clicking “Complete Transaction.” The department will randomly select winners for each county where licensing occurs and those hunters will select blind sites in order of those lottery picks. Hunters must be Maryland residents and have purchased either a 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 Maryland hunting license prior to their appointment to license sites.

Winners of the lottery will be posted on the department’s website by DNR ID number and will also be notified by email. The email will contain the time and date for a virtual online meeting to select their sites. No in-person meetings will occur. The email will include a link to communicate with a DNR staff person at the appropriate date and time through the Microsoft Teams online meeting application. The email address from DNR will start with “OBSL.” If you expect an email, but don’t see it, please check your SPAM folder.

Appointments will last 20 minutes and, during that time, hunters will have up to 10 minutes to license a maximum of two sites. Virtual meetings will begin on August 4 and continue during normal business hours until all appointments assigned by lottery have been held. Note that due to the increased time needed for online appointments and the volume of customers, appointments in some counties will occur over several business days or more. Appointments may not be rescheduled. If a winner is unable to keep their appointment time, they should cancel their appointment and make a new appointment once the process opens for appointments on request (Please see “Licensing After Opening Days” below).

Landowners who would like to license their property may also enter the same lottery through Compass. Landowners who would like to license their property will be required to provide a copy of the property information (available online) and a tax map, or other legible map, showing the exact location of the shoreline to be licensed. Any landowners wishing to license their own property, or representatives who have the written permission to license the property on behalf of landowners (and provides this documentation during the virtual meeting), are exempt from the requirement to possess a current or past-year hunting license.

****Applying for the Lottery*****

To enter the lottery sign into Compass and click on "purchase new license" then click on the green "hunting" button and scroll down until you see "2020 blind site entry". Click the box next to it and scroll back up to the top and hit the red "add to cart" button and then click "checkout". At that point just simply follow the instructions to complete the transaction. This is a free transaction and there is no charge to enter the lottery, however you must complete the transaction in order for your entry to be officially registered.

Licensing After Opening Days

After the opening days, licensing for all counties will occur by appointment only. Customers may begin making appointments through the department’s website on August 19, for virtual meetings that will begin August 24. NOTE: Do not request an appointment through the licensing and registration page. Directions and a link to request an appointment will be posted on this page beginning August 19. Customers who schedule an appointment will receive an email that includes a link to communicate with a DNR staff person at the appropriate date and time through Microsoft Teams. Owners of riparian property in Kent and Queen Anne’s counties, where only landowners or those with the written permission of the landowner may register sites, should make appointments during this period. Please do not prepay for your blind sites. If you pay for your blind sites before you appointment and do not select a site, it may take several weeks to issue a refund.

Virtual Meeting

As described above, hunters who have won a place in the lottery, or those who make an appointment for remaining blind sites after the lottery, will be emailed an invitation to a virtual meeting with a DNR staff person. The email address from DNR will start with “OBSL.” If you expect an email, but don’t see it, please check your SPAM folder. The invitation will be for a specific date and time. ​​

The invitation email will contain a web link to a virtual meeting that will be conducted through the Microsoft Teams online platform. Although downloading the Microsoft Teams program onto your computer will be an option, it is not necessary. We strongly recommend using the online link rather than downloading the program. The hunter will need to click on the link provided to them by email and indicate they accept the meeting invitation. On the day of their scheduled meeting, the hunter will enter the meeting by clicking on that same Microsoft Teams link, prior to their appointed time, and wait to be connected with a MD DNR representative, who will assist them with selecting up to two waterfowl blind sites. ​​

We recommend joining Microsoft Teams 5 -10 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting, especially if you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams​. Hunters should review Microsoft Teams prior to the meeting to familiarize themselves with its functions. For best results, we recommend using a newer computer with Windows 10 and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. We also recommend a minimum internet connection speed of around 6 - 8 Mgps (download) for optimal results. Speeds less than this may work, but the video quality may begin to degrade as speeds decrease. You can test the strength of your connection by typing “Internet Speed Test” into your browser for a quick online test. For maximum speed, be sure to close all other programs that may be running and sit close to your Wi-Fi router. ​​

The Microsoft Teams meeting can also be joined from a smart phone or tablet through the Microsoft Teams app. Hunters who wish to use their smart phone or tablet must first download the Microsoft Team app well before the scheduled meeting. Brief instructions for downloading the app are included HERE​. We recommend the user familiarizes themselves with the functions of this app and uses a location that has a strong, reliable cellular signal of at least three out of four bars LTE for optimal use during the meeting. ​​

During this virtual meeting, the hunter and DNR representative must able to see and speak to each other. If a hunter has a computer with a monitor and built-in microphone, they should be able to see and speak via the Microsoft Teams videoconferencing platform. Hunters are not required to have a computer with a built-in camera in order for the process to work. However, if a hunter has a computer that does not have a built-in microphone, they will need to have a cell phone or landline where they can call into the virtual meeting (phone number will be provided with the invitation). In this case, the hunter will be watching the process on their monitor and listening and talking through their phone. If the hunter is running the Microsoft Teams app on their smart phone, they should be able to both see the process and speak via the app, rather than needing to call in.​​

As part of this process, the hunter will be able to view a map of their selected county and work with DNR staff to pick blind sites from eligible locations. Offshore waterfowl blind site placement specifications remain the same as in past years and can be viewed by clicking HERE. ​​

The DNR representative will review the hunter’s Compass account to make sure they are eligible to participate in the blind site licensing process. The hunter may be required to present information, such as a driver’s license, to verify that they are the person scheduled for that appointment. The actual lottery winner, or person who made the appointment, must be present in the virtual meeting for blind sites to be reserved. Only one connection with the DNR representative is allowed during the meeting. As with in-person licensing, the meeting will end if the DNR representative cannot verify the identity of the hunter or determines that they are ineligible to participate. ​​

The DNR representative will then share their screen allowing the hunter to view an electronic map showing the tidal waterways in their selected county, the shoreline mapping layer and riparian properties that have been licensed by landowners. The DNR representative will be able to move the map around the screen and designate each blind site by clicking on the location indicated by the hunter. ​​

After the blind sites are selected the DNR representative will verify the hunter’s contact information, provide them with their license number(s) and review payment instructions with the hunter before ending the meeting. ​​

Payment Process

After selecting up to two blind sites, the hunter will have to submit payment by mailing a check for the total ($20 per site) to Offshore Blind Site Licensing, MD DNR, 580 Taylor Avenue E1, Annapolis, MD 21401 or by submitting electronic payment through their COMPASS account and emailing a copy of that receipt to​. Please do not prepay for your blind sites. If you pay for your blind sites before you appointment and do not select a site, it may take several weeks to issue a refund. Please include the license number(s) provided by the DNR licensing staff on your check to facilitate receiving your license(s). Further instructions will be provided at the conclusion of the virtual meeting. ​​

Electronic copies of the Offshore Waterfowl Blind Site Licenses will be sent to the hunter after receipt of payment. Blind sites reserved by hunters during the virtual meetings will be held for 30 days. If no payment has been received within 30 days after the virtual meeting, the selected locations will be reopened to licensing by the general public. ​​​