Wolf Den Run State Park

Huckleberry Rocks Area ORV and Trail Use

Open for Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Use

Wolf Den Run State Park announced the soft opening of the Huckleberry Rocks Area for Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) use on July 15th 2019.

Currently, 12.5 miles of trails are marked and ready to ride, including 6.5 miles which can accommodate full-size vehicles including jeeps. Park staff is continually working on the process of preparing more trails and features within the other areas including the North Hill Area, and Potomac River Area. Your patience staying on only the trails that are marked and designated as open is appreciated as we continue to prepare more trails for the future. Prior to your arrival to the Huckleberry Rocks Area, all visitors will need to make a reservation as the number of machines will be limited to 50 per day.

Reservations are required prior to arrival and can be made now.

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The property comprises three distinct parcels, including approximately three miles of frontage on the Potomac River’s North Branch, three brook trout streams, 1,700 acres of mixed forest, and unique rocky bluffs rising 900 feet above the Potomac River. All three parcels include areas of rugged, mountainous terrain with numerous ephemeral streams, meadows, small tributaries, and wetlands.

Historically, all of the parcels were mined for coal. Evidence of the former mining activity is present in the bench-cut terrain that characterizes various parts of each tract, providing a variety of challenging trails for hiking or riding. Recreational opportunities now include Off-Road-Vehicle (ORV) riding, hiking and biking trails in the Huckleberry Rocks Area. The North Hill and Potomac River Areas are currently closed to (ORV) use but open for general, non- motorized use. Currently no facilities or amenities are present at these locations.

Note: Currently the trails in the Huckleberry Rocks Area are the only trails open in Wolf Den Run State Park. Additional trails, facilities, and camping (fishing, and hunting -remove) opportunities are under development.

Facts about Huckleberry Rocks

  • 12.5 miles of trail available for motorized recreation, 6.5 miles open to full-size vehicles.
  • The Wallow (Trail 0204) is a string of seasonally-filled depressions. You will get wet! Bypass via Trail 0202.
  • Local history says the craggy terrain in The Pit is the result of failed exploration for minerals. Trail 0302 is a single-direction run along one of the resulting ridges.
  • Race Track is the site of a former competitive course. Test yourself and your machine on the remains of the track’s features.
  • Trail 0106 is a steep rugged hill climb rising approx. 150 vertical feet. Can you make it to the top?
  • Currently the trails in the Huckleberry Rocks Area are the only trails open for motorized use in Wolf Den Run State Park.

ALERT: Please refer to the park information page for directions, hours, address etc.​