Bohemia State Park

Grassy marsh at the park​​

What’s Happening at Bohemia River

Public Access: The construction of a new entrance, park access roadway and improvements to Route 213 faced several setbacks in the bidding and contract award process, in part due to COVID-19. The contract has now been successfully awarded and construction is slated to begin in early spring of 2021. Phase I of this project will provide visitor access to a parking area and multi-use trails.  Phase II of the project will connect the new parking lot to a waterfront car-top boat launch site, picnic tables and supplemental parking as well as additional elements of the trail system.

Meanwhile, staff have been hard at work at various ongoing projects:

Trails: The park’s new trail system is currently under construction. It will feature approximately 10 miles of natural-surface, multi-use trails that will offer park visitors a wealth of opportunities for recreation and nature exploration.  The trails traverse a variety of habitats such as hardwood bottomland forests, meadows, seeps and tidal marshes and offer numerous views of the Bohemia River, Great Bohemia Creek, and Burkalow Creek.

Trail work being done at the park
Map of the park


Forest buffer​​

Forest Buffer: In April 2020, we partnered with Cecil County Land Use and Development Services and the Maryland Forest Service to plant 2,450 trees along Great Bohemia Creek, converting 8 acres of riverfront farmland to forest. These native hardwood tree seedlings were carefully selected to provide natural beauty, year-round food and habitat for wildlife, and prevent pollution from entering the river. This new planting will connect to the already existing forest buffer that extends along the remainder of the park’s shoreline.

Field Edge/hedgerow maintenance: Park staff have been working diligently to reclaim field edges from the heavy growth of invasive hanging vines that in many cases have killed the mature trees upon which they climbed. Once the vines are removed, the ground beneath the trees is mowed and seeded, and any hazardous standing dead trees proximal to trails are removed. This greatly improves the health of the existing tree canopy, reduces the spread of invasive plant species, and maintains the border between crop and woodland. It also provides the visitor with a view of the forest interior that is otherwise obscured.

Barn work being done

Bank Barn repairs: Over the past year, in addition to receiving a fresh coat of red paint, the 1800s-era Pennsylvania-style bank barn in rear of the main house had stone foundations repointed, new main support beams installed, rotten floor and board-and-batten woodwork replaced, roofing repaired, and windows rebuilt or fitted with historically accurate replacements.

Stone house refurbishment​​​​

Stone House remodeling: The federal-style main house was built circa 1824-40, and the north and south wings were added over the course of the next 100 years. Insect damage throughout the structural elements of the house required significant remodeling.

Working in close partnership with the Maryland Historical Trust, we are carefully restoring the exterior of the house to serve as a representative example of the style of the period. Proposed use of the house will be as a residence for park staff to serve as on-site caretakers of the property.

We look forward to having you join us at Bohemia River State Park in the near future...