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Green Jobs

CJC Members working at a State Park

Conservation Careers are supported by a wide variety of disciplines, from the biological sciences to engineering, landscape architecture, planning and policy, law enforcement, natural resource management, education, and public health. They operate in a variety of settings, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains, from a city park to the halls of the state capitol building in Annapolis, from a landscaped garden to a laboratory. Whether you like working indoors or out, you can find a career that fits you.

Project Green Classrooms is not just learning and experiencing the environment and outdoors but becoming a doer and engaging in the stewardship of the environmental resources upon which we depend. Stewardship can grow into deeper involvement through volunteer opportunities, internships, and jobs.

Together professionals of the Project Green Classrooms are developing a guide to conservation careers in Maryland. This guide will include information on Why a Career in Conservation, how to Find your Fit, information on Training and Workforce Development programs, and How to Apply for a Job.