FishMaryland Eligible Species and Sizes

All species listed below are also eligible for the Catch and Release Award. The CATCH AND RELEASE Division list those species which are ONLY eligible as CATCH AND RELEASE​
collapse Division : Atlantic ‎(29)
Atlantic Amberjack45 
Atlantic Atlantic Cod36 
Atlantic Atlantic Spadefish24 
Atlantic Bigeye Tuna60 Use Curved Fork Length Measurements  
Atlantic Black Drum48 
Atlantic Blackfin Tuna30 Use Curved Fork Length Measurements  
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna55 Use Curved Fork Length Measurements  
Atlantic Bluefish34 
Atlantic Blueline Tilefish25 
Atlantic Cobia44 
Atlantic Croaker18 
Atlantic Dolphin45 
Atlantic False Albacore24 
Atlantic Golden Tilefish35 
Atlantic King Mackerel40 
Atlantic Kingfish14 (Northern Whiting)  
Atlantic Longfin Albacore36 
Atlantic Seabass20 
Atlantic Sheepshead20 
Atlantic Snowy Grouper32 
Atlantic Spanish Mackerel22 
Atlantic Spot12 
Atlantic Spotted Seatrout24 
Atlantic Striped Bass40 
Atlantic Summer Flounder24 
Atlantic Tautog24 
Atlantic Wahoo60 
Atlantic Weakfish24 
Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna50 Use Curved Fork Length Measurements  
collapse Division : Catch and Release ‎(13)
Catch and Release American Shad24 Released Only  
Catch and Release Blue Marlinany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Blue Sharkany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Hammerhead Sharkany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Hickory Shad18 Released Only  
Catch and Release Mako Sharkany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Red Drum36 Released Only  
Catch and Release Sailfishany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Sand Tiger Sharkany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Swordfishany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Thresher Sharkany size Released Only  
Catch and Release Tiger Sharkany size Released Only  
Catch and Release White Marlinany size Released Only  
collapse Division : Chesapeake ‎(26)
Chesapeake Black Drum48 
Chesapeake Blue Crab8Carapace  
Chesapeake Bluefish34 
Chesapeake Carp30 
Chesapeake Chain Pickerel24 
Chesapeake Channel Catfish30 
Chesapeake Cobia44 
Chesapeake Crappie15 
Chesapeake Croaker18 
Chesapeake Gar36 
Chesapeake Kingfish14 (Northern Whiting)  
Chesapeake Largemouth Bass21 
Chesapeake Rock Bass10 
Chesapeake Sheepshead24 
Chesapeake Smallmouth Bass20 
Chesapeake Spanish Mackerel22 
Chesapeake Spot12 
Chesapeake Spotted Seatrout24 
Chesapeake Striped Bass40 
Chesapeake Summer Flounder24 
Chesapeake Tautog24 
Chesapeake Walleye26 
Chesapeake Weakfish24 
Chesapeake White Catfish20 
Chesapeake White Perch13 
Chesapeake Yellow Perch14 
collapse Division : Invasive ‎(3)
Invasive Blue Catfish*40 Invasive - Must be Kept to Receive Award  
Invasive Flathead Catfish*34 Invasive - Must be Kept to Receive Award  
Invasive Northern Snakehead*30 Invasive - Must be Kept to Receive Award  
collapse Division : Nontidal ‎(23)
Nontidal Bluegill11 
Nontidal Brook Trout12 
Nontidal Brown Trout21 
Nontidal Bullhead Catfish15 
Nontidal Carp36 
Nontidal Chain Pickerel24 
Nontidal Channel Catfish30 
Nontidal Crappie15 
Nontidal Cutthroat Trout20 
Nontidal Largemouth Bass21 
Nontidal Muskellunge40 
Nontidal Northern Pike38 
Nontidal Rainbow Trout20 
Nontidal Redbreast Sunfish
Nontidal Redear Sunfish11 
Nontidal Rock Bass10 
Nontidal Smallmouth Bass20 
Nontidal Striped Bass36 
Nontidal Tiger Muskellunge40 
Nontidal Walleye26 
Nontidal White Catfish20 
Nontidal White Perch13 
Nontidal Yellow Perch14