Brook Trout Research in Maryland

The Brook Trout Program is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the current science available pertaining to eastern brook trout. Keeping up to date with the information that is available allows us to most effectively manage this species of greatest conservation need (GCN). Sometimes, however, there are gaps in the literature that leave questions unanswered or there are questions specific to Maryland waters that need to be addressed. In these cases, our brook trout staff biologists conduct research to more fully understand our only native salmonid.

The following is a list of final reports, often published, generated by the Maryland DNR Fisheries Service. Please click the link to see a copy of the final report.

Relationship Between Wetlands and Mercury in Brook Trout (2005) - Investigation into mercury in brook trout and how it relates to wetland presence in the system.​​

Estimating Space Requirements and Extinction Risk for Maryland Brook Trout (2006) – Research geared to determining the minimum population sizes needed to sustain long term brook trout populations and genetic viability.

Poplar Lick ORV Trail Investigation (2006) – Field investigations of ORV use on water quality and invertebrates in Poplar Lick. Here is the final report - Poplar Lick ORV Investigation.

Re-Inventory of Targeted Brook Trout Populations in Western Maryland (2007) – Selected Brook trout populations were re-surveyed from initial work done in the 1980's.

Investigation of the Feasibility of Propagation of Wild Brook Trout in a Small, Closed System as a Potential Management Tool for Conservation and Restoration Projects (2009) – Joint project with Frostburg State University to attempt to develop a small, closed system aquaculture facility for wild Brook trout production.

Statewide Brook Trout GIS Database Development, Analysis, and Mapping (2010) – Project developed a statewide database for Brook trout information, historic through current.

Restoring Large Woody Debris to Big Run Mainstem for Brook Trout Population Enhancement (2011) - Effort to add natural wood habitat to Big Run to restore a more natural system and improve brook trout habitat and population density.

Brook Trout Radio Telemetry Project (2012) – A project in the upper Savage River watershed aimed at determining short-term and seasonal movement patterns of adult brook trout using radio telemetry. Published in the proceedings of the Wild Trout Symposium XI. Here is the final report - Short-Term and Seasonal Movements of Brook Trout in the Upper Savage River Watershed.

Brook Trout Life History Project (2009 -2013) – A comprehensive life history project designed to gain a better understanding of the basic life history of brook trout in Maryland. Published as the PhD dissertation for Dr. David C. Kazyak. 

Genetic Analyses of Brook Trout Populations from the Upper Savage River Watershed (2013-present) - Initial research into the genetic relationships of mainstem upper Savage River and its tributary brook trout populations. Currently underway.

Brook Trout Circle Hook Study (2014) – A two-part study designed to investigate the possibility of using circle hooks as a management tool for brook trout. Under review.

Brook Trout Volunteer Angler Survey (2015, ongoing) – A collection of creel data from volunteer anglers in an effort to obtain state-wide information about brook trout fishing.