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Draft Regulations

The following is a draft proposal for consideration. The proposal modernizes the drafting style, updates, and where necessary, deletes certain outdated provisions. This proposal does not include any additional regulatory requirements of the affected regulated community.

For questions or comments regarding this proposal please contact Lisa Hoerger at lisa.hoerger@maryland.gov or at (410) 260-3478.

  1. Draft Agriculture Regulations

Commission staff have been working on revising and updating Title 27, Critical Area Commission for the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays regulations of the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). Title 27 consists of three subtitles: Subtitle 01 Criteria for Local Critical Area Program Development; Subtitle 02 Development in the Critical Area Resulting from State and Local Agency Programs; and Subtitle 03 Project Applications. Currently staff are working through the chapters in Subtitle .01 in order to update the provisions. These updates may also include updates to Subtitle .02 and Subtitle .03.

The purpose of the regulations are to modernize the drafting style, update, and where necessary, delete certain outdated provisions. Both proposals do not include any additional regulatory requirements of the affected regulated community.

The Commission staff worked closely with the Department of Agriculture to ensure all updates to the agriculture regulations were correct. Also, any outdated regulations were also thoroughly screened by the Department of Agriculture. Note that the companion agriculture regulations in Subtitle .02 were also updated. There is also a minor update to the definition of “tributary stream” in Subtitle .03 which was overlooked in a previous revision.