Maryland Land Photo

Photo by D. Graham Slaughter

About Our Lands

Maryland is recognized throughout the Nation for its innovative land acquisition and protection programs, including Program Open Space and the Rural Legacy Programs.

The Department of Natural Resources manages over 475,000 acres of public lands and protected open space in the State.  From Swallow Falls State Park in the Alleghenies to the Pocomoke River State Forest on the Eastern Shore, the department's public lands represent some of the most significant ecological and cultural landscapes found in Maryland. Each year, thousands of visitors also enjoy the Department of Natural Resources public lands for a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities, including wildlife observation, boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, mountain biking, and camping

Tracking Our Progress

Maryland Department of Natural Resources Tracking Our Progress: Acreage Reports page includes information about the amount of land protected in Maryland by various programs. The DNR Acreage Report tracks state lands purchased by the Department of Natural Resources. The page also has details about individual programs that protect land by fee simple ownership and long-term or permanent easements. The Maryland Land Preservation Dashboard incorporates data from local, state, federal, and non-governmental preservation programs.