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Field Guide to Maryland's Salamanders and Newts
(Order Caudata)

Marbled Salamander
(Ambystoma opacum)


Adult photo of Marbled Salamander courtesy of Lori Erb
Adult Photo of Marbled Salamander courtesy of Lori Erb


  • 3 - 4 in.

  • Record - 5 in.

  • Appearance

  • A chunky salamander. 

  • Light crossbands, of variable size, shape and width, on an otherwise black back and sides. 

  • The crossbands are grey in females, white in males. 

  • The plain belly is also black.

  • Marbled Salamander habitat, photo courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers
    Habitat Photo for Marbled Salamander
    courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers


  • Deciduous and mixed forests adjacent to vernal pools.

  • Eggs are laid in the fall under coarse woody debris while the pools are dry. 

  • Female guards the eggs until pool is flooded.

  • Maryland Distribution Map

    Maryland Distribution Map of Marbled Salamander

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