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Discover Maryland's Bats

photo of two Hoary Bats in Flight

Hoary Bats
Photo by: Dr. J. Scott Altenbach

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Bats! OK, so the mere thought of them gives you the Stephen King creeps and sends you running for cover.

Try thinking of them as furry purple martins clearing the night skies of insects that damage crops and gardens and spread diseases. Bats are the major predator performing this ecological miracle during the night shift. Just one bat can eat over a thousand insects each night.

The only problem is that bat populations of all species are declining throughout North America. Whether you’ve just discovered bats living in your house or you want to put up a bat box, you can be part of the conservation solution.

An 8th grader at Cockeysville Middle School was interested in doing something to help endangered species as part of his school project.  He chose the Indiana Bat. Click here to read Aaron's essay on how people can help endangered bats.

Any bat regardless of age, can be rehabilitated. If you should find an injured bat, there are only a few licensed Master Wildlife Rehabilitators in Maryland qualified to work with bats.

Master Wildlife Rehabilitators

  • Teddy and Velvet Kitzmiller
    580 Broadneck Road
    Annapolis, MD 21401

  • Mary E. Martin
    Matthew D. Wilkes
    44029 St. Andrews Church Road
    California, MD 20619

  • Second Chance Wildlife Rescue
    7101 Barcellona Dr.
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879

  • Orphaned Wildlife Rescue
    12199 Bonanza Trail
    Lusby, MD 20657