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Photo of Rudbeckia hirta, Black-eyed Susan courtesy of Kerry Wixted

Get the latest on research and highlights of the natural wonders of Maryland and biodiversity conservation efforts in our state. We know what's special about Maryland, naturally! Who are we? We are the Maryland Natural Heritage Program, the lead state agency responsible for non-game and endangered species conservation. From our beginning in 1979, the Program's mandate has been to assess the status of rare species and to inventory, monitor and conserve those species for the benefit of future generations.

Our little state packs a wallop when it comes to diversity of habitats and natural communities supporting rare and wonderful plants and animals. The more we learn about our amazing natural ecosystems and their processes, the more we realize how integral they are to our lives. If you are new to this wonder, we hope this newsletter becomes a stepping off point for new adventures in biodiversity conservation. If you've already experienced the thrill of what Mother Nature has to offer, we look forward to joining you in a deeper appreciation of these riches.



Volume 1

  Issue 1 – Summer 2011
  Issue 2 – Fall 2011
  Issue 3 – Late Winter 2012

  Issue 4 – Summer 2014



MD Natural Heritage Program
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Photo Credits:

Green Treefrog: Kerry Wixted
Seaside Dragonlet: Kerry Wixted
Scarlet Tanager: George Jett
American Lotus: Kerry Wixted

Martin Mt. Sandstone Glade, R.H. Wiegand
Piney Reservoir, Garrett County, MD: David Kazyak
Sunrise on Assateague: R.H. Wiegand

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