​​Maryland Deer Hunting

Photo of white-tailed antlered deer 

A hunting license is required to hunt deer in Maryland (with exceptions). Click here for information about Hunting LicensesClick here for information about Who May Hunt Without a License.​​

The use of a Maryland Big Game Harvest Record is required of all Maryland deer and turkey hunters. It is issued with the hunting license. Those who may hunt deer and turkeys without a license must obtain a Big Game Harvest Record, at no charge, from DNR Licensing and Registration Offices, a Maryland Sport License agent, or online at www.dnr.maryland.gov/service/.

Certain stamps are required or offered to hunt deer in Maryland. Click here for Deer Stamp information.

Deer taken in Maryland must be checked in with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Click here for Deer Tagging and Checking Requirements.

There are fluorescent orange clothing requirements to hunt deer in Maryland. Click here for Fluorescent Orange Requirements and Exceptions.

Click here to read about Other Deer Hunting Regulations​, which provide additional information needed to hunt deer in Maryland.​