Photo of Duck Hunter at Sunset courtesy of Larry Hindman - Wildlife & Heritage Service

Waterfowl Identification Guide
Ducks & Geese of the Atlantic Flyway

The following "thumbnail images" of the Ducks and Geese of the Atlantic Flyway link to larger images. Simply click on the image in the "Link to Artwork" column. We have noted size of the file for each and have kept images intentionally large to aid you in seeing details.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources would like to gratefully acknowledge The Bismuth Cartridge Company of Van Nuys, California for allowing the use of their artwork in this Waterfowl Identification Guide.

Link to 
Common Name Scientific Name
LINK Wigeon? American to Artwork American Wigeon
Anas americana
Black Duck
Anas rubripes
LINK to Artwork Blue-Winged Teal Blue-Winged Teal
Anas discors
LINK to Artwork - Bufflehead Bufflehead
Bucephala albeola
LINK to Artwork Canada Goose Canada Goose
Branta canadensis
LINK to Artwork Canvasback Canvasback
Aythya valisineria
LINK to Artwork Golden Eye Common Goldeneye
Bucephala clangula
LINK to Artwork Common Merganser Common Merganser
Mergus merganser
LINK to Artwork Gadwall Gadwall
(Grey Duck)
Anas strepera
LINK to Artwork Greater Scaup Greater Scaup
Aythya marila
LINK to Artwork American Green-Winged Teal American
Green-Winged Teal
Anas crecca
LINK to Artwork Hooded Merganser Hooded Merganser
Mergus cucullatus
LINK to Artwork Lesser Snow Goose Lesser Snow Goose
Chen caerulescens
LINK to Artwork Mallard Mallard
Anas platyrhynchos
LINK to Artwork Northern Pintail Northern Pintail
Anas acuta
LINK to Artwork Northern Shoveler Northern Shoveler
Anas clypeata
LINK to Artwork Red-Breasted Merganser Red-Breasted Merganser
Mergus serrator
LINK to Artwork Redhead Red Head
Aythya americana
LINK to Artwork Ring-Necked Duck Ring-Necked Duck
Aythya collaris
LINK to Artwork Ruddy Duck Ruddy Duck
Oxyura jamaicensis
LINK to Artwork Wood Duck Wood Duck
Aix sponsa

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