Deer in Spring Landscape

Deer Damage Management Techniques

Drive Deer from the Area

A method that can be used to relieve deer damage is to scare deer from an area where they are taking cover, thereby disrupting their normal behavior patterns. Driving deer is only effective when the area is fenced and the deer can be prevented from returning to the area. This technique can cause deer to flee cover where they find security, which can provide temporary damage relief. This can also be used to remove deer prior to trying exclusion techniques, in particular, fencing.

Do this by organizing a group of individuals to walk through cover where deer are known to take refuge during daylight hours, near the area where deer damage is occurring.

This technique may provide temporary relief from deer damage, but the effects can be short-lived, depending on how habituated the deer are to humans.

Individuals should use discretion when using this method to prevent moving deer into vehicular traffic.

Maryland Deer Damage Management Techniques