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America's relationship to the land and its wildlife is an undeniable part of our natural heritage. Wildlife conservation and the preservation of our natural environment is one of the biggest challenges residents of Maryland will face in the next century.

Listed below are several Educational Programs sponsored or supported by the Wildlife and Heritage Service that can help you improve your knowledge and achieve a greater understanding of wildlife and nature.

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Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Maryland women can learn about a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities in a casual, non-threatening environment by attending "Becoming an Outdoors-Woman" (BOW) workshops and Beyond BOW events.

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Education Trunks

Bring the outside into your classroom with these unique hands-on, interdisciplinary teaching tools. These education trunks are designed to educate students while building on fundamental disciplines like math, art, social studies, science, language arts and physical education. Education Trunks are available free to educators in Maryland for a one to two week period, depending on availability.

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Hunter Education

Firearms competency, hunter safety, ethical behavior and a keen understanding and appreciation of nature are essential elements of Maryland's Hunter Education Program, making it one of the finest in the United States.

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Maryland Envirothon

This annual program is an exciting and fun way for high school students to learn about the environment. Maryland has competed successfully on a national level since the Envirothon began here in 1989. Be sure to check out The Maryland Envirothon Wildlife Resources Site.

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Project WILD

This interdisciplinary environmental education program emphasizes wildlife. The program is designed for educators of all types who work with children from K-12. Free workshops and activity books help teachers reach their goal of teaching Maryland's youth about wildlife and the environment. Now aligned with Maryland Environmental Literacy Standards.

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Growing Up WILD

Early childhood education program is designed to connect young children to nature. The program is designed for educators of all types who work with children from ages 3-7. Free workshops and activity book help formal and non-formal educators reach their goal of teaching Maryland's youth about wildlife and the environment. Growing Up WILD is aligned with Head Start Domains.

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Wild Acres

The goal of the Wild Acres program is to create backyard habitats across the State that maximize wildlife benefits and highlight conservation stewardship. The Wild Acres program offers fact sheets on how landowners can enhance their habitat for wildlife. In addition to providing fact sheets, a quarterly publication, Habi-Chat, is produced which highlights native plants, animals and habitat-enhancing activities.

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Womanholding 2 Bog TurtlesMaryland Master Naturalist Training

Learn the basics of Coastal Plain Maryland’s natural history, geology, meteorology, species ID, habitats, conservation issues, and interpretation skills. Instruction by professional scientists includes classroom work, hands-on experiences and field research, with tips and tools of the trade from practicing naturalists. Developed in cooperation with the University of Maryland Extension, and conducted in partnership with Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation, this rigorous program teaches adults to better understand their natural community and our human place in it. Master Naturalists will also volunteer their time and skills to maintain certification. Opportunities for advanced training are also available. Classes for the Spring 2015 session will be conducted at MD DNR Headquarters, Tawes Building, Annapolis.

Youth Opportunities

The Wildlife and Heritage Service offers many youth opportunities from Junior Hunt Days to Mentored Youth Hunts.

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Archery in the Schools

MD NASP’s mission is to promote student education through participation in the sport of Archery with the focus being to provide International style target archery training in the 4th - 12th grades.



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