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On-Site Sewage Disposal System Task Force Report

The On-Site Sewage Disposal System (OSDS) Task Force put a wrap on their intensive six month work with the submission of this report to the Bay Cabinet on September 10, 1999. Tom Miller, Upper Potomac Tributary Team Chair, who Chaired the OSDS Task Force, briefed Maryland’s Bay Cabinet on the recommendations included in the report. The OSDS Task Force focused on the policy changes that must occur in order to institutionalize nutrient reducing non-traditional OSDS technologies while not encouraging unwanted development.

The 66-page report includes recommendations for encouraging non-traditional or alternative nutrient reducing systems, designating areas of special concerns, establishing management districts, developing verification processes, supporting education needs, and utilizing shared and community systems.

OSDS Task Force Report, September 1999
(149 KB PDF File)

For more information, contact:

Claudia Donegan
DNR Habitat Restoration and Conservation - Community Partnerships Program


Carrie Decker
DNR Watershed Specialist

Eyes on the Bay

Eyes on the Bay

DNR performs continuous monitoring at many locations throughout the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Get real time information for your area.

Growing Oysters

Growing Oysters

The Marylanders Grow Oysters Program links private pier owners with oyster reef restoration. Oysters are grown, then placed on protected reefs.

Tributary Teams Legacy

Tributary Teams Legacy

DNR honors the Legacy of Maryland's Tributary Teams. Though program funding ended many teams continue their important work,

Thanks Stream Waders

Stream Waders

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How Big is the Bay?

The Chesapeake Bay is about 200 miles long. At the Bay Bridge near Annapolis, it is only 4 miles across, but it is 30 miles across at the widest point near the mouth of the Potomac River.

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