Long-Term Economic Prosperity

Maryland’s decisions about how we use and reuse our resources, where and how to grow and build, and what we keep or lose are our legacy for the future. The One DNR Plan creates a list of goals and actions to guide the department towards making decisions that help the environment and provide cost savings.

Sustaining prosperity into the future requires recognizing the real value of our resources as an ecosystem, instead of counting only short-term costs and gains. DNR will encourage economic decisions and initiatives that will build long-term prosperity by adding to, not detracting from, the environment.

If you have questions contact Sean McGuire at smcguire@dnr.state.md.us or (410) 260-8727.

Advance Ecosystem Markets & the Bay Bank

  • Identify funding & provide technical support for ecosystem markets, specifically the Bay Bank
    • The mission of the Bay Bank (http://www.thebaybank.org/) is to sustain and improve the environment and the economic health of communities using innovative, market-based solutions. The Bay Bank will establish trading protocols that are compliant with existing regulatory and voluntary markets and ensure only high quality credits are transacted. It will also explore the potential of innovative conservation funding approaches to leverage the ecosystem service markets it is helping to facilitate and increase the rate of conservation action taken for the benefit of the Chesapeake Bay.

Identify & Internalize Ecosystem Values

  • Lead by Example by internalizing values in State actions and policies
    • DNR and Maryland State Government will work to become leaders in the use and implementation of new and existing technologies to reduce the environmental footprint of facilities and employees. Implementation of policies to encourage positive long-term changes will be highlighted and incorporated to maximize the benefits for Maryland citizens.
  • Communicate values in land-use decision-making and fiscal impacts
    • Greenprint is a first in the nation web-enabled map showing the relative ecological importance of every parcel of land in the State.

Foster Natural Capital-Based Economies & Businesses

  • Support local, niche markets for natural capital-based products

Work Readiness Programs for Inmates

  • The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) created the Forestry Brigade tree planting initiative to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2011. The public lands have been selected for planting to maximize the environmental benefits for air quality and the Chesapeake Bay.

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Sustainability Tip

Install a rain garden or rain barrel to catch rainwater. Stormwater rushing off of roofs and lawns carries pollution directly into streams and the Bay. Rain gardens and rain barrels slow the water down and keep pollution out of our waters. Click here for other helpful information.

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