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Every material thing we have or will ever have -- our food, medicines, furniture, homes, clothes, cars, everything -- comes from the earth’s natural resources. Nature is an interconnected system, and we now understand that changing ecosystems can make the environment more fragile, and that everything we do with nature has consequences across distance and time. Learn more...

Why Is Sustainability Important?

The general definition of sustainability is to use resources wisely today to ensure future generations have the same or better opportunities. Imagine if one were to eat unhealthy food and overeat. Over time there health would deteriorate from not taking care of their bodies. The person will experience health problems until they are addressed by adjusting their diet and making lifestyle changes such as adding exercise.

Sustainability can be viewed in the same way because there are only a set amount of resources that if used too fast or depleted reach a point where they are unusable to society. Tips and ideas can be discovered to help the environment by following "GreenMaryland" on

Plan Maryland - For a Sustainable Future

Plan Maryland Meeting Presentations

Thank you to everyone who registered for our Natural Resource Mapping Workshops! Even if you were not able to make it to one of our regional meetings, MD DNR would like to keep open the lines of communication to assist with your local planning efforts in support of PlanMaryland. The Power Point presentations from the meeting are listed below on our valuable resource data layers including Maryland GreenPrint, Climate Impact Areas and other natural resource planning tools.

If you have questions or comments for any of our presenters, please contact Sandi Olek in DNR's Integrated Policy Review Unit at (410) 260-8979 or

Mapping Links:
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Climate Change Impact Area Mapping Tool

GreenPrint Mapping Tool
Chesapeake Bay Health Information Maryland's Green Website

Sustainability Tip

Install a rain garden or rain barrel to catch rainwater. Stormwater rushing off of roofs and lawns carries pollution directly into streams and the Bay. Rain gardens and rain barrels slow the water down and keep pollution out of our waters. Click here for other helpful information.

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The Sustainability Network is a place where interested citizens, businesses and organizations can share ideas on projects and make connections between others who share their interest.