Stream Waders Training

2018 Training Information

Greetings friends of Maryland's freshwater streams!

Maryland Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) is having another exciting year! In 2018, we had one training session for our volunteer stream sampling program, Maryland Stream Waders!

This year, sampling by volunteers is focused ONLY in targeted watersheds (map below). Sampling outside of these watersheds is not authorized."

Stream Waders Subwatersheds Map

Maryland Stream Waders Training
Oregon Ridge Nature Center
1355 Beaver Dam Road,
Cockeysville, MD 21030

**Volunteers, please remember to return equipment and samples on May 5th in the parking lot of the training facility.**

Stream Waders volunteers help to fill the gaps in areas of interest to the Maryland Biological Stream Survey crews. This year, your efforts are supporting the MBSS by providing data on the effectiveness of various stream restoration projects.

Volunteers are trained and outfitted to collect benthic macroinvertebrate samples which are turned in to department biologists who subsample, identify, and rate the sites according to our Index of Biotic Integrity. Stream Waders is rigorous and produces data that are available to the public on the StreamHealth website.

If you need help determining if this program is for you, we have a very informative FAQ page, but if you have any other questions or require any additional information please email

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!