Maryland Biological Stream Survey

Registry of Certifications

The applicants listed below attended MBSS spring training, passed the written Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sampling Certification test, and successfully completed a field audit. This certification lasts for three years.

Applicants Certified by the Society for Freshwater Science

Sippleseans@coastal-resources.netCoastal Resources, Inc.General Arthropods East (2015); EPT East (2015); Chironomidae East (2015)
Webbadamw@coastal-resources.netCoastal Resources, Inc.Family Level (2017)
McTaggertamctaggart@wetlands.comWetlands Studies, Inc.Family Level (2017)
Malanmalan331@yahoo.comTrout UnlimitedFamily Level (2017)
Luckettchris.luckett@maryland.govMDEEPT East (2015)
Bradypatricia.brady@maryland.govMDEEPT East (2017)
Genito dgenito@baltimorecountymd.govBalto. Co.EPT East (2017)