Outdoor Recreation Button
DNR's Outdoor Recreation in Maryland
Cut and paste the HTML below and place it in your web page where you wish. Save the artwork above by right clicking on it and choosing "save as" or "save target as" and upload it to your server. You may have to update the path to the artwork depending on how you have your directory structure set up.
<!---beginning of the DNR source code, cut and paste into your HTML document---> <p> <center><a href="http://www.dnr.state.md.us/outdoors/"> <img vspace=10 src="outdoors.gif" width=109 height=49 alt="[Outdoor Recreation in Maryland]"></a><br> <font face="tahoma,verdana,helvetica" size=2>Maryland DNR, Open 24 hours</font></font></center> <p> <!---end of DNR source code--->