Deep Creek Lake
Doing Your Part For The Resource

Kids at Deep Creek Lake

Message from the Lake Manager

We encourage homeowners around the lake to improve their stewardship of this lake environment.

Good stewards will look for ways to reduce stormwater runoff into the lake from personal property by:

  • Replace impermeable surfaces like driveways and concrete patios with permeable surfaces
    such as wood decks, porous pavers or concrete lattice.
  • Connect down spouts to rain barrels or develop rain gardens.
  • Direct runoff from driveways and patios into vegetated areas.
  • Allow grasses and other vegetation to grow up along the shoreline.
  • Plant trees, shrubs and groundcover on your property.
  • Discontinue or limit use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Request permission to plant trees and shrubs on the buffer strip and property covered by the conservation easement.

Information about buffer strip use and lake regulations can be obtained by calling Deep Creek Lake staff at 301-387-4111.