Spring Wildflowers in State Parks


peonie.jpgBluebells, trillium, pink lady slippers, marsh marigold and many more native spring wildflowers are blooming. Welcome to the plethora of wildflowers in Maryland State Parks in May. This month is quite literally an explosion of sights, sounds, smells, and, of course, colors.

Wildflowers certainly provide beautiful scenery for our visitors, but this amazing color show has other important functions as well. Many pollinators choose their food based on flower color or shape. Several hummingbird species prefer red cone-shaped flowers for example, while abundant flowers such as marsh marigolds provide a food source for many butterflies, bees and even ants.

​If flowers are really your thing, you may enjoy a visit to the Peony fields of Seneca Creek State Park. In the mid-20th Century, an avid gardener planted a field with over 250 varieties of peonies on a property that is now part of Seneca Creek. Volunteers have created a display garden with a wide range of varieties at the edge of the field. Peak bloom is from late May to early June, when many guided programs are offered.

So be sure to join nature's pollinators as they dine. Take a photo, draw a picture, write a poem, or join one of our many wildflower hikes across the state. Whatever you decide to do, you are sure to be in for a spectacular view in a Maryland State Park.