Self-Guided Opportunities
Day Walking Hikes
Location Cedarville State Forest
10201 Bee Oak Road
Brandywine, MD 20613
Prince George's County
Start/End Trails begin at various parking areas.
Trail Access Holly Trail (orange) - The entrance parking lot
Heritage Trail (blue) - Forest Road parking area (right turn off Bee Oak Road)
Plantation Trail (brown) - The pond parking lot
Swamp Trail (green) - The pond parking lot
Distance Holly Trail - 5 miles
Heritage Trail - 3.5 miles
Plantation Trail - 2.5 miles
Swamp Trail - 2 miles
Time Varies with trail(s) selected
Trail Conditions All off road trails are shared by bikers, hikers and equestrians. Sections of some trails follow paved intra park roads.
Skill Level Easy to moderate depending on skill and weather. Few rocks or steep hills make these trails a pleasant day hike.
Suitable For Families? Yes, taking into account the ages and experience of the children.
Hazards/Restrictions Trails are shared with bikes and horses. Protect yourself from chiggers, ticks and spiders as well as poison ivy and sumac.
Potable Water Potable water is available at pavillions, camping area and the restrooms.
Natural Features Cedarville State Forest is home to several unique features in nature. The Cedarville Bog is considered the headwaters of the largest freshwater bog in Maryland, the Zekiah Swamp. This bog supports a wide variety of plants including several unique only to Cedarville Bog. Two of the more unique species are the carnivorous plants, the roundleaf sundew and the northern pitcher plant. Cedarville State Forest is also home to over 50 species of trees and has become a haven for wildlife and birds.
Historic/Cultural Features The state began purchasing the land that would one day become Cedarville State Forest during the 1930's. It wasn't until Franklin Roosevelt's CCC efforts to develop this land did the beginnings of the forest see fruition. The 1950's saw a new activity on these lands: the production of charcoal. Up to 3,600 pounds of charcoal was produced each week. This charcoal was then in turn used to heat many other state park buildings throughout Maryland. One of these charcoal kilns is still standing and may be seen on the Heritage Trail.
Camping Camping is available at Cedarville State Forest. For reservations call 1-888-432-2267.
Other Points of Interest The pond is stocked with bluegill, catfish, sunfish and bass. It is open for bank fishing only (Maryland non-tidal license required). Other activities available include: fishing, picnicking, pavilions, hunting, hiking, horseback riding.
Other Accommodations There are several hotels/motels in Waldorf.
Fees or Permits A $3/car service charges is payable by the honor system.
Description These trails, forest roads and wooded paths wander through Prince George's and Charles counties' quiet forests. Each trail has its own flavor. The orange trail wanders through damp and marshy areas lined with holly, magnolia and assorted marsh plants and flowers. The blue trail is hilly with several streams and springs. The brown trail is pretty level and dry. It circles through a pine plantation and around the 4-acre stocked fishing pond. The green trail starts by the 4-acre pond and then loops through the forest and headwaters of the Zekiah Swamp.

Resources Recommended Gear and Safety Tips
  • Small first aid kit
  • Water and a snack
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Adequate footwear
  • Compass
  • Rainwear