Janes Island State Park GPS Waypoints for Water Trails

GPS waypoints for the six paddle trails around and through Jane's Island are available below. Download Kayakers at Janes Island State Parkthe waypoints and tracks to navigate through the thirty miles of outstanding trails, named by the American Canoe Association to their inaugural list of North America's best paddle trails.

The paddle trails in and around Janes Island have been posted with aluminum signs. They are 12" x 18" and covered with a highly reflective film. Each trail now has not only a different color sign but a distinctive shape, as well, e.g.: red octagon with a white reflective slash, black diamond, yellow equilateral triangle, brown square, green circle, and blue quadrilateral. The trails all now run from the Yellow Trail, north or south as the case may be, although you can certainly run it the other way if you wish. Just remember you will be paddling in the opposite way the directional arrows are pointing. Each color sign now has a one letter abbreviation along with a sequential number, e.g.: Black = B, Blue = U, and Brown = N (Red, Yellow, and Green have distinctive beginning letters anyway).

You will need two things....

  • Download waypoints for GPS (Zip File)
  • EasyGPS program (http://www.easygps.com/)
    • You need this (or a similar program) to upload the GPS file to your unit
  • Then take home an electronic souvenir of your trip. Upload your GPS tracks and waypoints to www.gpsvisualizer.com. View a Google Earth map of your travels and email a copy to your friends. Show them where you caught the big fish, saw the Bald Eagle, or swam on the secluded beach.