Letterboxing Instructions at Soldiers Delight NEA

Step by step instructions for letterboxing at Soldiers Delight.

  1. Check to make sure you have everything you need to begin letterboxing, including:
    * Your signature stamp
    * A pen
    * An ink pad (some markers work as well)
    * A travel journal
    * A map of the area you intend to search may be necessary. See individual clues for details
    * A compass in case you need to take a bearing (not needed for letterboxing at Soldiers Delight)
    Download the clues or directions to your next letterbox

  2. Read entire clue prior to beginning the letterbox adventure.

  3. Complete the letterbox adventures to find your “key” or lock combination.

  4. Unlock the letterbox with your key (After the combination has been entered into the lock, you must push up hard on the lock then pull down for it to release).

  5. Make an entry into the letterbox’s logbook…
    * Stamp–in with your signature stamp (If you don’t have a stamp a quick doodle will do)
    * Write down your trail name (or that which you wish to be referred to as)
    * Write down the date
    * Write about your adventure (something you saw, a quick poem, a saying, or whatever you like)

  6. Make an entry into your travel journal…
    * Use the stamp you find inside the letterbox and stamp your Travel Journal (or download a Travel Journal from this website)
    * Write down the date
    * Write about your adventure

  7. Finish your adventure…
    * Put the log book back in the letterbox
    * Wipe any extra ink off the stamp after using it and wrap it back up in its felt
    * Close ink pad up tight (if one was available – we suggest you bring your own)
    * Re-lock the letterbox and scramble the combination so others will be able to find it just as you did. Please make sure it is locked by giving it a tug
    * Proceed to next clue if there is one.

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