Maryland State Parks - A Winter Wonderland

Park cabinFeeling tired and sluggish as we head into the long winter months? You are not alone. Most people spend the winter inside and begin to lack essential Vitamin D. So what is the cure? Layer your clothes, pack some food and water, put on gloves and hats and get outside to enjoy your beautiful Maryland State Parks!

Maryland State Parks are open year round for many of the same activities you might enjoy during the spring and summer plus additional opportunities not present during the warmer months.

  1. Several state parks remain open for camping year round. From Pocomoke River on the lower Eastern Shore to the scenic mountains of New Germany State Park, quaint camper cabins and full service cabins await you. Check the Service Charge and Hours of Operation website for State Parks with Year Round availability.
  2. Looking for some hard-core physical activity? Try your hand at cross country skiing at Herrington Manor or New Germany State Parks. A whitewashed, snow covered landscape is your backdrop while you invigorate your senses with cold fresh air and aerobic exercise!
  3. Looking for a slightly easier, less expensive way to enjoy the winter in Maryland? Try your hands, or more appropriately your feet, at snowshoeing. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. This activity extends your hiking and running season into winter, is relatively easy and inexpensive, is a low impact aerobic exercise, and is extremely versatile. You can go at your own pace and experience trails that are not snow covered enough for cross country skiing.
  4. Don’t forget the possibility of winter hiking. Just because there is no snow on the ground, doesn’t mean, there is nothing to do! Bundle up in layers, bring a snack and get out on the trails. No bugs and no crowds leads to a great hiking experience. Just be prepared for all weather conditions and leave word with someone when to expect you back. Or better yet, bring a friend!
  5. However you decide to use the Maryland State Parks in the winter, be sure to bring a camera. Winter photo opportunities are bound to present themselves at every turn.