Soliders Delight NEA Quest

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A Miner's Life

Introducton to the Quest

Solidiers DelightFamilies will pick up an MP3 player, speakers and mining kit from the Visitors Center. Teams will follow an audio tour that will take them back in time and allow them to be a miner for a day. Families will get to buddle for chrome, feel the weight of chrome and even look into the entrance of an old chromium mine.

Quest Information

The audio tour will take about two hours. An abbreviated version will be available. Pick up a binder at the Soldiers Delight Visitor Center that provides step-by-step instructions. A map will be provided to guide you along the way. The first two stops along with the last stop are located in the Visitors Center. Make sure to read the instructions in the binder before starting and become familiar with the MP3 device.

Important information:This quest will last about 2 hours. The abbreviated version will take approximately 45 minutes. Be aware when the Visitor Center will be closing, because teams need to leave a driver's license in order to check out the supplies. This quest is available on weekends only from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Park Information

Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area (NEA) is comprised of 1,900 acres of serpentine barren. The area has over 39 rare, threatened, or endangered plant species as well as rare insects, rocks and minerals. There are seven miles of marked hiking trails. Equestirans and cyclists are prohibited due to the sensitive nature of the area. The Visitor Center has an astronomy themed auditorium, Discovery Center with hands-on activities, Conservation Station with animal artifacts, an Exhibit Hall with natural and cultural history, and a Scales and Tales aviary.

Soldiers Delight NEA
5100 Deer Park Road
Owings Mills MD

Directions to Soliders Delight NEA

Soldiers Delight is reached via I-795, to Franklin Boulevard west, right at Church Road, left on Berrymans Lane, then left on Deer Park Road.