Park Quest 2017 Rules

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Who May Participate

A Park Quest teamTeams must register on-line. A team is a family unit consisting of at least one adult and one minor 16 years old or younger. We encourage the entire family to participate in all Park Quest activities. Registration will be conducted via the DNR Online Store. The facilities and services of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources are available without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical or mental disability. It is the participant’s responsibility to have the necessary skills, and equipment for a safe and environmentally sensitive visit.

Park Quest Season

The Park Quest season for 2017 will be from May 26, 2017 through September 4, 2017.


The 1,000 teams who register will be required to pay a $10 registration fee. Teams who are planning overnight stays in state park campsites or cabins must pay the appropriate reservation service charges. Overnight accommodations in Maryland State Parks can be reserved through this website at:


Registration dates for Park Quest 2017 will be May 1st through May 5th.

Teams must agree to the Liability Waiver on-line prior to completing registration.

Questions may be addressed to:
Angela Pease
Maryland Park Service
E-mail: (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Teams who complete the registration, and pay the registration fee, will be issued a Park Quest Passport. Upon receipt of the Passport, teams will write their team name on the Passport. The Passport provides teams access to the Park Quests sites and activities.

Park Quest Passport

The Passport is presented upon arrival at any staffed Park Quest site to gain access to materials needed to complete the Quest. At self-directed sites follow directions provided in the Park Quest Passport. The Park Quest Passport provides the team with free access to day-use facilities only on the day of the team's Quest. For additional services such as camping, teams will be subject to applicable service charges. You must maintain and present the original Passport issued upon registration with all applicable endorsements to be eligible to register for the Rendezvous events.


There are 18 Quests for 2017. Quest instructions can be downloaded from the DNR website beginning in May. Teams must complete their Quest by following the Quest instructions and answering all the questions on the Quest form. Completed Quests are verified by Maryland Park Service staff and the team’s Passport is endorsed.

At self-directed sites teams will follow the instructions provided in the Passport to complete their quest. The Passport endorsement will be provided by successfully completing the Quest activity.


Park Quests can be physically challenging. Persons with disabilities can be accommodated with advance notice. Contact the facility directly at least one week prior to the day you want to complete your Quest and request assistance.