Cunningham Falls State Park Quest


Maryland Myths Busted!

Introduction To Quest

A KestrelToo many myths surround our plants and wildlife (flora and fauna). It’s time to set the story straight! From stories of hybrid venomous and non-venomous snakes to owls rotating their heads 360 degrees, the list goes on and on. This year’s quest will educate you and share interesting and true facts about our flora and fauna!

Quest Information

The Quest begins at the first bulletin board on the left after passing through the Manor Area entrance gate. The first myth (and answer) will be posted on this Bulletin Board. Look for the Park Quest symbol to identify all 6 letters posted on different Bulletin Boards and letterboxes throughout the Manor Area. Write the numbered letter on the Passport. Spell out the word below to learn the final destination and to find the Park Quest stamp. Go there and take your photo. Letterbox codes are 2017.

Park Quest teams need to be aware of venomous snakes in the area. Avoid disturbing leaf litter and rocks, and stay on designated hiking trails. Black bears are occasionally spotted around the camping and wildlands areas of the park. When hiking in these areas, clap your hands occasionally, whistle, sing, or talk to a hiking partner. Bear spray has also been demonstrated to be effective for deterring black bears. Teams should wear sturdy closed toed hiking shoes, bring plenty of water and snacks, and prevent overexposure to the sun by dressing appropriately.

The quest is stroller friendly. The quest is pet friendly, except for the fenced-in area of the Aviary-dogs scare the birds!

Park Information

Cunningham Falls State Park consists of two separate locations - the William Houck Area and the Manor Area. The William Houck Area is located off of Rt. 77 on Catoctin Hollow Road. The area also includes a campground and day use area surrounding a 44-acre lake. The Manor Area, off Rt. 15 south contains a Visitors Center, Scales & Tales Aviary, picnic area, recycled tire playground, and campground and the location of the Quest. The 200 year old Catoctin Iron Furnace and Catoctin Manor ruins are located across Rt. 15 and are accessible by a short walk on the Catoctin Furnace Trail. Both areas offer hiking and fishing opportunities. The Cunningham Falls State Park is surrounded by Catoctin Mountain National Park and Wildlands that preserve essential large tracts of habitat for animals and plants. These public lands also ensure the health of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed by buffering Big and Little Hunting Creeks with clean, undeveloped land. Cunningham Falls doesn’t just benefit park visitors and wildlife but also the millions and millions of living organisms, including people that live downstream from the park on into the treasured Chesapeake Bay.

Cunningham Falls State Park
14039 Catoctin Hollow Road
Thurmont MD 21788

Directions to Quest site:

  • From Frederick, Maryland follow Route 15 north approximately 13 miles. Look for signs to the Manor Area of Cunningham Falls State Park. The entrance is a left hand turn from Route 15 northbound, directly across from the Catoctin Zoo. After passing through the Manor entrance gate, follow signs to the Visitor Center and park in a designated parking spot before starting your quest.
  • Make a reservation to stay at the park.