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The Margaret Rosch Jones Award

margaret rosch jones imgEstablished in 1976 and is given in her memory. She was the executive director and moving spirit of the Keep Maryland Beautiful Program for many years.

The Trust hopes to remind citizens of her devotion, energy, and ingenuity by presenting an award in her name to a group whose voluntary activities personified these attributes that Margaret Jones brought to her work.

Born in 1906, Margaret Jones was dedicated to the preservation of the Chesapeake Bay.

One of her “pet projects” was a statewide contest with prizes for winners of gasoline station inspections.

Margaret Jones had a genius IQ, wrote poetry in her spare time and was a self-taught Latin scholar.

The Margaret Rosch Jones Award of up to $2,000 is for non-profit groups or communities that show continuing plans for a project that has already demonstrated a basic understanding and resolution of an environmental issue.

Applicants for the Margaret Rosch Jones Award must also meet one or both of the following criteria:

  1. Groups that have been active in educating people in their community about at least one of these concerns: litter prevention, community beautification, and local or statewide environmental issue(s).
  2. Groups that have been successful in eliminating or reducing the causes of a local environmental problem rather than addressing the symptoms.

Some of the winners of the Margaret Rosch Jones Award grants have been:

  • Martinak State Park of Caroline County for developing an interactive environmental issues exhibit in the nature center;
  • Maryland School for the Blind Project of the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, Inc., for their creation of a unique sensory garden at the school;
  • Western Garrett County State Park Volunteers for creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat site beside the Deep Creek Lake State Park’s Discovery Center
  • Salisbury-Westside Revitalization Partnership for developing programs that promote community beautification and provide youth education regarding environmental stewardship.

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