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Conservation Land for Sale:

This page is a service of Maryland Environmental Trust to connect conservation buyers with properties under easement that are for sale. We are not responsible for the content and all questions should be directed to the agent listed below.

All questions about our easement terms should be directed to Jon Chapman, Stewardship Manager, email:

Contact Info

6349 Broad Neck Road
County: Kent
Acreage: 143.40

Easement Holder:
MET, MALPF; local land trust name): MET

Contact Info:

Name: Francis "Joe" Hickman
Agency: Cross Street Realtors, LLC
Phone: (410) 778-3779

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1135 Lands End Road
County: Queen Anne's County
Acreage: 145

Easement Holder: MET

Contact Info:

Jonathan T. Ginn
Agency: Meredith Fine Properties
Phone: 410 310 4966

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riverview 018.JPGScenic view of water 

5517 Ross Neck Rd
County: Dorchester
Acreage: 454

Easement Holder:

Contact Info:

Name: Jonathan T. Ginn
Agency: Meredith Fine Properties
Phone: 410-310-4966

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Image of Ross Neck Road PropertyMap of Ross Range

4206 Brown Road
Taneytown, MD
County: Carroll County
Acreage: 83+

Easement Holder:

Contact Info:

Name: Karen E. Hecht
Agency: Heritage Realty
Phone: 443-277-9780

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Picture of front of house Picture of cows in a field. 

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