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Is Mediation For You?

Do you have any conflicts or disputes with fellow employees or managers? If so, you should seriously consider Mediation! Disputes and conflicts can be settled by a variety of methods, including filing formal grievances, complaints or charges. However, Mediation is one way (a very good way) to solve disputes less formally, more quickly and often with better results.

There are many benefits to being involved in a mediation session. Mediation...

  • Provides a safe space for the peaceful resolution of conflict

  • Assists the disputing parties in reaching a continuing peaceful resolution to the problem

  • Encourages people to take personal responsibility for problem solving in a peaceful manner

What are the steps involved in Mediation?

  • Identification of concerns

  • Exploration of options

  • Negotiation and make decisions

  • Clarification of misunderstandings

  • Help individuals see themselves as others see them

  • Create a win-win situation; and

  • Clarify solutions and write an agreement

A Mediator...

  • Is a person trained in mediation skills to help disputants discuss and resolve their conflict.

  • Listens to the view point of both parties.

  • Asks questions about the problem in order to clarify what happened.

  • Helps both parties to put the dispute in clear and concise terms so that they both can begin to discuss options for a resolution.

  • Will write up a mutually acceptable agreement specifically outlining the terms of the resolution.

  • Does not offer advice, or make decisions for the participants.

  • Does not decide who is right or wrong.


The process is completely confidential, unless both parties agree to other conditions.

Mediation is a win-win solution:

To arrange a Mediation session you must first contact the Mediation Intake Coordinator.
An agreeable time, date, and location will be set for all participants. The actual mediation takes approximately two hours. Additional sessions can be scheduled if necessary.

Want to schedule a Mediation?
Contact:  Richard Allen
Phone: 410-260-8058

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