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Maryland Trails Program

Maryland Byways and Heritage Areas

Maryland Scenic Byways logoMaryland Byways

Maryland has designated 19 byways that encompass 2,487 miles of beautiful roads, which offer a taste of Maryland’s scenic beauty, history and culture. Take the roads less traveled including four entirely new byways featuring nationally significant themes: the Star-Spangled Banner, Antietam Campaign, Booth’s Escape and the Mason and Dixon byways.

Maryland Heritage Areas

Maryland Heritage Area map illustrationMaryland's byways are a great avenue to explore Maryland’s Heritage Areas. While traveling along Maryland’s Byways, you’ll uncover rich historical and cultural heritage throughout 11 Maryland Heritage Areas. Historic preservation goes hand in hand with protecting and promoting our state’s natural beauty within the Heritage Areas. In each area, citizens have put forth effort to ensure that the journeys you take with this guide are historically and culturally unforgettable for years to come. 

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