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Maryland's Rural Legacy Advisory Committee

Members of the Advisory Committee have been appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Rural Legacy Advisory Committee is a body composed representatives from various public and private sectors with an interest in Maryland’s land preservation efforts. They are responsible for reviewing Sponsor applications in a fair and consistent manner and making recommendations for funding to the Rural Legacy Board.

The Rural Legacy Advisory Committee consists of:

  • A Trustee of the Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF)

  • A Trustee of the Maryland Environmental Trust (MET)

  • A representative of the agricultural industry

  • A representative of a non-profit land conservation organization

  • A representative of a non-profit environmental organization

  • A representative of the forest industry

  • A representative of a county government Department of Recreation and Parks

  • A representative of a business organization

  • A private land owner

  • A representative of the mineral resources industry

  • A representative of a municipal organization


Rural Legacy Advisory Committee Chairman
Edward A. Halle, Jr., Esquire
Private Land Owner
Term:  2014

James C. Ashby
Mineral Resource Industry
Term:  2014

Kelly (Carneal) Dudeck
Agriculture Industry
Term:  2015

Anne Holmes Jones
Maryland Environmental Trust
Term:  2014

John Jastrzembski
Forest Industry
Professor of Forestry
Term:  2016

Gary W. Mackes
County Parks & Recreation
Term:  2016

Jim Baird
Non-profit Land Conservation
Term:  2015

James. B. (Bubby) Norris
MD Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation
Term:  2015

Frederick L. Tutman
NP Environmental Org.
Term:  2016

Maureen Heimbuch
Term:  2016

Maryland's Rural Legacy Board