Farm Scene - Maryland's Rural Legacy program

Rural Legacy Program Contacts - Who to Call

Rural Legacy Area Sponsors

The lead contacts for each approved Rural Legacy Area are the people who develop and administer the Rural Legacy Plans and coordinate with local government and private parties. If you are interested in detailed information about a particular area, these are the people to contact. They wrote the applications and are managing the grant activity for their area, including land acquisitions and easements.

Rural Legacy Program DNR Staff

These are the people who administer the day-to-day activities of the Rural Legacy Program, draft policy, support the Board and Advisory Committee, coordinate state agency input to the Board and Committee, and administer the Rural Legacy Grants.

Maryland Department of Planning

Department of Planning personnel are involved with the implementation of the Rural Legacy Program, provide staff support to their Director who is on the Rural Legacy Board, and work on other Smart Growth Initiatives.

Maryland Environmental Trust

A statewide land trust that provides technical support to other land trusts. Contact them for information on national, regional or local land trusts.

Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation (MALPF)

For information on agricultural land preservation contact Carol West at 410-841-5860, Maryland Department of Agriculture.