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Community Parks & Playgrounds Program Grant Proposal Process

To Open the documents below double-click the item. You can Print out the documents and use a typewriter to complete them. If you want to use your keyboard to fill out the documents you first need to save them to your computer. To Save documents, right-click an item, select Save Target As and save it to your hard drive. Once completed keep copies for your files and submit the signed originals.

Updated Application Forms for FY2017 Funds

Community Parks & Playgrounds Grant Proposal Guide revised for FY2017 – Brief guide on how to apply for funds.

Grant Proposal List

Proposed projects must be entered on this list.

Community Parks and Playgrounds Project Agreement

A separate application must be completed for each proposed project on the Grant Proposal List.

Project Details

Provide detailed responses on no more than five (5) pages.

Supporting Documents

Attachments required for each proposed project.

Joint Use Agreement

If needed. You will either need a deed to the property held by the project applicant or a joint use agreement signed by the property owner.

Reimbursement Request

Details of the project costs so the state can reimburse your expenses up to the amount approved by the Board of Public Works.

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