ŠThe Enigma Project
Picture taken by: Mike Frew courtesy of The Enigma ProjectŠ

  • Chessie
  • Chesapeake Bay
Snacks on:
  • fish and other Chesapeake Bay delicacies
  • football shaped head
  • long, slender neck
  • 20-30 feet in length
  • approximate width of a telephone pole
  • neutral coloring (anywhere from tan to olive green to brown)
  • possible side flippers and horns
  • indifferent to those who have kept a distance
  • no agressive reports
Usually seen:
  • mostly on the eastern part of the Bay
  • early Spring and Summer
  • early day
  • late day
Major Sightings:
  • 1936- at Bush River by helicopter
  • 1980- unrecognized sea creature spotted
    (now believed to have been a manatee)
  • 1982- Frew tape video footage
    of unknown sea creature
  • some 78 documented sightings
    in possession of Bill Burton

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