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Employment Opportunities at Maryland DNR

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. In order to successfully manage our natural resources, DNR offers a wide variety of challenging and exciting employment opportunities. Our employees serve important customers -- park visitors, campers, hikers, skiers, hunters, boaters, and recreational and commercial harvesters of fish, crabs and oysters. We partner with county and town governments and provide technical and financial assistance in their efforts to manage growth and development while protecting the natural resources of our state. DNR employees work to ensure the abundance of our living resources, including wetlands and forest stands, fish, crabs, geese and fragile threatened and endangered species. Our efforts serve to inspire all Maryland residents to enjoy and live in harmony with their environment.

The classifications for all positions within DNR are listed below. However, these do not reflect our current job openings. For current job openings, please refer to the current openings section of our website. Most positions fall within the State Personnel Management System and offer an array of benefits which includes paid holidays, annual leave, sick leave, retirement and health insurance options. For consideration of employment, you must submit a State employment application and become certified as eligible. Applicants are certified as eligible if they meet the minimum qualifications for the job classification and receive an acceptable score on any applicable test(s). The tests for most positions are administered by the Maryland Department of Budget and Management, Office of Personnel Services and Benefits. More detailed information about these job classifications including qualification requirements and current salary rates can be found on the DBM website at State applications (MS-100) can also be downloaded through this link. Interested applicants may contact their office at (410) 767-4850 to take the next scheduled exam in the job classifications for which you are qualified.

Once the tests for job classifications are administered and scored, the Department of Budget and Management will produce a "Certification of Eligibles" list of all successful participants. DNR obtains a copy of the "Certification of Eligibles" list for the applicable job class when a position becomes available and contacts qualified candidates for interview. Selection for interviews are based on the specific qualifications of candidates, therefore not all qualified candidates are interviewed for all vacancies.

DNR administers the tests for some positions and these are marked with an asterisk in the list below. If you are interested, you can visit the "current openings” section of this website.

As needed, the Department also offers employment on a contractual basis. Contractual employees enter into a written agreement to provide temporary personal services at a fixed rate of pay. The benefits included for these positions are FICA and unemployment insurance. These positions are advertised as they occur in the "current openings" page of this website as well as in local newspapers.

Thank you for your interest in being part of the team and in a career that benefits our natural resources as well as those who appreciate and use them. If you have any further questions regarding this information, please contact us at (410) 260-8070, toll free (877) 620-8367 or you may e-mail

Accountant Auditor Acquisition Specialist Administrative Aide
Administrative Officer Administrator Agency Budget Specialist
Assistant Attorney General Automotive Services Supervisor Automotive Services Specialist
Boat Maintenance Mechanic Building Construction Engineer Buyers Clerk; Agency Buyer
Carpenter Carpenter Supervisor Cartographer, Chief
Cartographer Cartographic Technician Chief Marine Engineer
Clerical Assistant* Communications Supervisor Computer Network Specialist Trainee
Computer Network Specialist Manager Computer Information Services Specialist Computer Information Services Specialist Supervisor
Computer Network Specialist Supervisor Conservation Associate Conservation Aide*
Contract Services Assistant Data Processing Senior Programmer Analyst Specialist Data Processing Supervisor
Data Processing Programer Analyst Specialist Data Processing Programmer Data Processing Manager
Data Processing Director Data Programmer Analyst Trainee Data Programmer Analyst
Data Programmer Supervisor Data Programmer Manager Data Device Operator*
Data Device Supervisor Drafter Electrician
Electronic Technician Employee Training Specialist Employee Selection Specialist
Energy Resources Administrator Engineer Engineer Senior, Registered
Engineering Technician Environmental Specialist Environmental Inspector
Equal Opportunity Specialist Equal Opportunity Administrator Fiscal Specialist
Fiscal Associate Fiscal Administrator Fiscal Accounts Supervisor
Fiscal Clerk Fiscal Aide Fiscal Accounts Chief
Fiscal Accounts Specialist Forester Registered Forester Supervisor
Forester Trainee* Forestry Manager Geologist
Hydrographer Hydrographic Engineering Associate Illustrator
Industrial Development Officer Internal Auditor Juvenile Counselor
Laboratory Technician Landscape Architect Landscape Specialist
Legal Assistant Licensing & Registration Technician Licensing & Registration Specialist
Licensing & Registration Center Manager Maintenance Chief Maintenance Assistant
Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance Service Worker* Maintenance Supervisor
Management Development Specialist Management Specialist Management Associate
Marine Engine Technician Mason Plasterer Master (Natural Resource Vessel)
Mate (Natural Resource Vessel) Motor Equipment Operator Motor Boat Operator
Natural Resources Associate* Natural Resources Biologist Natural Resources Crane Operator
Natural Resources Police Pilot Natural Resources Police Chief Natural Resources Police Officer*
Natural Resources Planner Natural Resources Technician Office Supervisor
Office Secretary Office Clerk Office Assistant
Park Administrator Park Naturalist Park Technician
Park Ranger Manager Park Ranger Supervisor Park Regional Administrator
Park Services Associate Park Services Supervisor Parks Program Manager
Personnel Specialist Personnel Administrator Personnel Associate
Personnel Clerk Personnel Officer Photographer
Planner Plumber Police Communications Operator
Principal Planner Principal Geologist Program Manager
Public Affairs Specialist Public Affairs Officer Publications Specialist
Radio Mechanic Radio Technician Radio Technician Supervisor
Ranger Ranger Trainee* Recreation Specialist
Research Statistician Sailor* Services Specialist
Services Supervisor Stock Clerk* Supply Officer
Typist Clerk Water Resources Engineer Waterways Improvement Technician
 Word Processing Operator*  

Employment opportunities at the Department of Natural Resources are available to all without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or physical or mental disability.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Human Resources - Personnel Office
580 Taylor Avenue, C3
Annapolis, MD 21401

If you are unable to find the answer to your question here on our website, please email for an answer within five working days.

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December 01, 2009