Comments from Maryland's Black Bear Hunters

The Holler Family after the Maryland Black Bear Hunt in 2012 and 2016 

The Holler Family after the Maryland Black Bear Hunt in 2012 and 2016

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Maryland Black Bear Hunters

Those who have participated in Maryland Black Bear Hunts have had a lot to say…

The following are comments DNR received from sportsmen who have participated in previous black bear hunts. It says a lot about the quality of the experience and the support the DNR staff provides.

  • Maryland is doing a great job with black bear hunt as a Maryland hunter and resident!!  Thank you!!
  • Application process fine - keep up the good work
  • Have enjoyed it every year I've hunted!! Please keep it going!
  • Outstanding hunt.  Really enjoyed pre-hunt meeting. Some really interesting info given.
  • Saw lots of sign met hunters on Saturday who shared 9 video of bear they scared off in the same area sat before the season.  Such is hunting public land.  Always remember hunt is not the kill.  Will try again in MD.
  • I had a great time.  Look forward to bear hunting again.  I think the whole process runs very smooth.
  • I enjoyed the hunt both years that I have drawn a tag even though I was only successful this year.  My son filled the tag.  It's the kind of hunt that people drive hundreds of miles to participate in.  It's nice to have it here in my backyard.
  • It was a great experience.
  • Great experience and hope to be able to do it again.
  • I think the state of MD does an excellent job managing all aspects of this hunt.  I was especially impressed with the bear check in process and the enthusiasm of the people there.
  • Well done by the Maryland DNR. 
  • The system works!  A well oiled machine, kudos to all involved.  I never hunted bear before and never expected to win a permit but I kept entering.  Upon receiving the permit I quickly became a "bear hunter'.  A life altering experience.  Thanks to Md DNR.
  • Very well managed.  Weigh stations are convenient, educational and nice to be around.  This program is producing a fine population of bears.
  • Prehunt mtg was informative.  Hunt was very enjoyable even without seeing a bear.  Very exciting.  Hope to go again next year.
  • Nice hunt.  Seen lots of bear the week prior just not during season
  • I think it's well done.  I have enjoyed both seasons that I participated in.  My collision with a deer Thursday night put an end to this year's hunt, an unfortunate accident.  The one suggestion is for DNR to try and match hunters with more private land owners, maybe just for this.
  • Hunting season went well although no bear was harvested.  There was bear sign in the hunting area.  Just didn't see the bear.  I will apply again year after year and hope for another chance.
  • Great overall hunt with my son.
  • A well run and informative program and by the looks of it meeting the DNR objectives for the control and development of the expanding critter.  Keep up the good work!!
  • It was an amazing experience.  First time ever bear hunting and the hardest I have hunted since a child.  I recommend everyone try it one time.  Regarding processing it was very smooth and call in system is very nice. 
  • Myself and sub enjoyed the hunt despite the nasty weather.  We saw one bear after we acquired private property to hunt on.  We saw good sign on public land when we scouted.  Maybe we'll have better luck in the future.
  • Well run hunt.  I liked it a lot.
  • Outstanding job all the way around!!! You folks are fabulous in what you do.  I have hunted a lot of states and this is one of the best run, if not the best, I have seen!
  • Very nice program overall.  Maybe add another check station or two.  Quota system works great.
  • Thank you for letting me hunt wish I had more time.  I'll keep trying.
  • System seems to be good!
  • Second time I have hunted bear.  Glad to have opportunity!  Process seems to work, thank you for your efforts to bring this to us.
  • It was a great opportunity to be in the Maryland bear lottery and be chosen for a bear tag and was able to kill one but it was a challenge.  I will continue to enter the lottery for another chance to participate in another bear hunting season.
  • Great Experience!  Thanks!
  • My wife and I had applied many times in the past.  Last year was the first time one of us was chosen.  This year I was chosen.  I think the DNR is doing a fine job w/ the bear season and we are looking forward to applying next year. Thanks
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