Greenways making natural connections.
Below are the appendices from the greenways atlas. They are all in Adobe Acrobat format. If you need to download the free reader, go to
  • Appendix A & B - American Discovery Trail and East Coast Greenway
    American Discovery Trail
    The nationís traditional trails, the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide, all run north and south. The American Discovery Trail follows an east-west route that connects those trails and many others into a national network creating an extraordinary recreation resource for hikers and bikers across the country.

    East Coast Greenway
    The East Coast Greenway (ECG) will be the nationís first longdistance (Maine to Florida), city-to-city, multimodal transportation corridor for cyclists, hikers, and other non-motorized users. The goal of the ECG is to connect existing and planned trails that are locally owned and managed to form a continuous, safe, green route that is easily identified by the public through signage, maps, userís guides, and common services.

  • Appendix C - Department of Natural Resources Land Designations
    Listing of terminology used in the atlas.
  • Appendix D - Local Government Contacts
    County listings with contact information.

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