Site 7: Maryland State Office Complex - Flowering Crab Apple Trees

Flowering Crab Apple Trees -- Maryland State Office Complex Maryland State Office Complex

Just past St. Johnís on College Avenue are the Lowe House Office Building, James Senate Office Building and down Bladen Street, the Goldstein Treasury Building. During the 20th Century, the growth of state and local government shaped much of the development of Annapolis. These office buildings are representative of that period and contain many specimen trees..

Lowe House of Delegates Office Building Willow oaks provide shade along both sides of College Avenue, in front of this building. A large southern magnolia is on the corner where Bladen Street intersects with College Avenue. Just across the street is a courtyard area containing 14 flowering crabapple trees, allowing a view of the State House in the distance. The court yard has a statue dedicated to Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, first African-American to serve with that body.

James Senate Office Building Crossing Bladen Street you will be in front of the offices of the Maryland State Senators. The entrance to this building has kwanzan cherry trees as well as southern magnolias on either side of the door. These trees along with some others along Bladen Street, were preserved during recent construction/renovation activities to expand Senate office space. They remain as a testament to Marylandís tough tree protection laws, among the strictest in the nation. Continuing down Bladen Street you will see willow oaks lining the left of the street. These are popular street trees that are easily transplanted due to relatively shallow roots. But willow oaks are thought to grow too large to be used adjacent to most homes, especially in the City with its tiny yards and gardens. Crimean lindens are found along the on the right side of Bladen Street. These trees are full of bees when they flower in mid-summer. An attractive court yard just behind the Goldstein Treasury Building will provide a shady area to rest for a moment.

Goldstein Treasury Building

Magnolias at James Senate Office Building -- Goldstein Treasury Building

Turning left onto Calvert Street, you will encounter a small, attractive garden on the corner. This is one of many such gardens throughout the State, through a program called Mary Landscapes. Designed with native plants such as black-eyed susanís and bee balm, the gardens provide a haven for butterflys. The street trees in front of the Goldstein Building include a line of two willow oaks, followed by two northern red oaks, two more willow oaks, and just around the corner (leading up to Church Circle) are two English oaks, one with an interesting limb graft. Just across Calvert Street is a large grassy triangle with a number of interesting trees including Crimean lindens, honey locusts, large crabapples, and concolor firs.

Take a break The one remaining stop in the downtown area, Franklin Street/ Acton Place is a fairly long walk from here. You may choose instead to return to the Visitorís Center to shuttle back to the parking area for the final two tour sites located nearby. To return to the Visitorís Center: Take Calvert Street to West Street. Turn left on West and the center will be on your left.

Or, if you need a quick drink or refreshment, West Street has a number of coffee houses and restaurants.

Next To continue to Site#8: proceed on Calvert, cross over West Street to Cathedral Street. Take Cathedral Street to Franklin Street and turn right on Franklin Street. It is two blocks down.

Last updated on November 20, 2001.

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